165CM Home Gym Boxing Punching Bag Free Standing Punching

by ATI
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Work on your cardio, speed and accuracy with a punch bag that moves with you. Free-standing punch bags are popular for martial arts training because of their versatility. You can move them anywhere and they are perfect for boxing, punching or kicking.

Boxers, kickboxers and mixed martial artists use them. Fitness trainers and home enthusiasts love them. Everyone can have a free-standing punch bag at home. We can deliver the bag to your door ready to punch and kick. Simply fill the base with water and sand and start slamming your way to fitness.


Dimensions: approx

Total height approx: 165cm

Base approx: 72 cm x 40 cm

Bag dimensions approx: 90 cm x 28 cm

Boxing Bag and The Base

Ready to Punch and Kick


Buyer must fill the base with Sand/Water

Design may vary

Package Content:

1 x 165CM Boxing Punching Bag Free Standing

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