1800W Electric Heater Panel - Black

by ATI
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* Stylish, slimline, unobtrusive design * Non-glowing element * Radiant heat means gentle comfortable warmth * Black anodised aluminium body and element * Corrosion protected * Rapid heat up * Heats Up to 1m radius * Efficient, cost effective electric heating * Wall mounted or ceiling mounted * Adjustable swivel brackets * Silent and maintenance-free operation_x000D_


* Power: 1800W * Voltage: 220-240V * Cable length: 1.4m * IP Rating: IPX4 (Splash Resistant) * Overall dimension: 99.5 x 17.2 x 43cm_x000D_

Package Contents

1 x Radiant Heater Panel4 x Mounting Brackets1 x Set of Mounting accessories1 x User Manual

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