8km Solar Power Electric Fence Energiser Energizer Charger Farm

by ATI
Save 45%


*8km Solar electric fence energiser

*0.3J fence energiser w/ lead acid battery

*Excellent device to keep livestock in set area

*Monocrystalline silicon solar panel provides a more efficient power conversion

*Protective functions - over charge protection; reverse battery protection

*Fully charged battery can work up to 15-20 sunless days

*Waterproof; offers continuous service

*Brief pulse function to prevent harmful electric shocks

*Connection cables included

*Bonus 4 x warning sign sticker

*C.E. approved

*Discharge energy: 0.3J

*Output voltage: 8kV (+ -1.5kV)

*Charge voltage: 7.5V to 9.5V DC

*Fence length: Up to 8km

*Battery: 6V 7Ah Lead Sealed

*Operation time of a fully charged battery: 15-20 days

*Waterproof rating: IP3

*Solar panel output: 2.4W

*Solar panel size: 18.2 x 13.5cm

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